IUI proccedure
Injection of washed sperms directly into the uterus ,helps in sub fertile couple to conceive. It is helpful in men with reduced sperm count and motility and also in
IVF proceedure
In some couple, pregnancy does not happen, as eggs and sperms are unable to meet inside the women?s body for various reasons. The fertilization is done in a specialized lab and is known as IVF. Here we aim at offering our patients the best Infertiliy Treatment in kerala.
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ICSI proceedure
When the sperms are insufficient, ICSI is done. ICSI is the treatment where the eggs are collected outside the body and injected with a healthy sperm in a specialized lab
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donoregg procedure
When the woman is unable to produce an egg for various reasons, she can have an egg donated from a healthy person. This treatment is called Donor egg
Donor sperm treatment
Donated sperm from healthy men, which are stored as frozen sperms in donor sperm bank can be used for insemination to produce a successful pregnancy Donor sperms are used when all the treatment fails to produce healthy sperms.
surrogacy proceedure
When a women has unhealthy or absent uterus, she may not be able to conceive.The couple can achieve their dream if a healthy woman volunteers to carry their baby for 9 months after IVF and is called surrogacy.
laparoscopic Surgery
This is a revolutionary step in modern medicine, where the internal organs are visualized using a camera passed through a small cut at the bellybutton (umbilicus).
Embryo Freezing
During IVF/ICSI often several embryos are obtained. Vitrification is used to freeze the embryos, so that, they can be used for later cycles if required. Compared to the slow freezing method, which was used earlier, vitrification has better success.