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Tube Test(HSG-Hysterosalpingogram)

TUBE TEST(HSG-Hysterosalpingogram)
The fertilization of egg & sperm happens in the tube, so a pregnancy results only when they meet each other. If tube blocked, it is not possible.
There are two methods HSG and SSG for checking the tubes and Laparoscopy is the direct method of visualization.
Minor blocks with mucus (like the discharge from nose) may be corrected by just the HSG, when the medicine is pushed.
If not, you need a laparoscopy to find reach cause for the problem. Correction can be done in some cases where it is simple and short standing.
But sometimes the block may be due to severe tubal damage and anatomy can be distorted, in which tubes cannot be corrected by surgery. In those cases IVF/ICSI is done.
If there is any problems like the tubes being blocked, kinked, coiled, abnormal position (like going up), some areas dilated, tortuous like spring. Then it is best to go for a laparoscopy at the earliest. Even if the tubes do fill and spill dye, if the egg does not reach the right places due to distorted anatomy, pregnancy will not occur.

dataX-Ray View of Tube
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

Authored by Dr. Anitha Mani - Infertility Specialist & Laparoscopy Surgeon

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