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Director and IVF Co-ordinator

You will find a strong leader with sharp futuristic views in Dr.Mani. The Success rate of treatment is very high with his treatment. He will give variety of options to all couple, thus increasing the possibility of conception .Patients are dealt with Warm and cordial relationship and they feel very comfortable with him.patients who have failed even after several ICSI from all over the world has been blessed with babies after surrogacy treatment by Dr.Mani.

Dr.Anita Mani

Infertility Specialist & Laparoscopy Surgeon

Dr.Anita is trained in various centers in infertility from U.K for 5 years. You will find that, she will evaluate your problems systematically and scientifically and will reassure you and offer the best treatment options. She has experience working as infertility specialist for 15 years and has treated several rare cases.She is a skilled surgeon and has done more than 5000 Laparoscopic surgeries without a single case of complication or mortality.Success stories include 50 yr old mother having healthy triplet babies and women having baby after 12 miscarriages, lady bearing child without uterus thru surrogacy etc.

Dr.Arun Gudi

An extremely skilled and dedicated Embryologist, Dr.Arun is a full time Embryologist at GIFT. He has extensive experience from the 15 year period as an Embryologist. There is excellent Coordination, as all the cases are discussed among Dr.Anitha,Dr.Mani and Dr. Arun to plan the best treatment.

Dr. Denny. P.

Laparoscopic Surgeon

Trained in U.k for 6 years, he is an experienced laparoscopic surgeon. He is very patient doing long surgical procedures and hast vast experience in endoscopic surgery.

You will find him ready for help any time depending on patients needs.

Dr. Wahab Anesthetist

Dr. Wahab has experience in anesthesiology for more than 20 years. He is trained to do sophisticated cases like cardiac surgery anesthesia. You can feel safe in his hands under anesthesia, as he can manage any complications that might arise .kind to patient, during those anxious hours of preoperative period, patients never feel tense about surgery. He also makes sure patients are well monitored during postoperative period and discharges them house, the same day.

GIFT-Gyno OT Team

You will be well taken care by our expert team developed by constant training of Dr.Anitha. This highly disciplined team will look after you before, during and after surgery. They will help you during IUI and embryo transfer as needed.

Mrs. Shainy, Counselor

The burden of not conceiving puts huge pressure and it is proven that 80% of couple have psychological problems just from infertility. Detailed counseling will answer all your questions and alleviate your anxiety.

Nursing staff

The well trained team will offer you care, coordination and warmth during your tenure in the hospital.