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Marathahalli Team

Director and IVF Co-ordinator

You will find a strong leader with sharp futuristic views in Dr.Mani. The Success rate of treatment is very high with his treatment. He will give variety of options to all couple, thus increasing the possibility of conception .Patients are dealt with Warm and cordial relationship and they feel very comfortable with him.patients who have failed even after several ICSI from all over the world has been blessed with babies after surrogacy treatment by Dr.Mani.

Dr.Anita Mani
Infertility Specialist & Laparoscopy Surgeon

Dr.Anita is trained in various centers in infertility from U.K for 5 years. You will find that, she will evaluate your problems systematically and scientifically and will reassure you and offer the best treatment options. She has experience working as infertility specialist for 15 years and has treated several rare cases.She is a skilled surgeon and has done more than 5000 Laparoscopic surgeries without a single case of complication or mortality.Success stories include 50 yr old mother having healthy triplet babies and women having baby after 12 miscarriages, lady bearing child without uterus thru surrogacy etc.

Embryologist, Ph.D (Prescott University of London)

Dr.Chandan is highly experienced, well trained and skilled Embryologist, with exposure of National and International IVF centers. He is the IVF counselor at GIFT IVF center, completed his non residential prestigious Ph.D with work of excellence in ART from Prescott University of London.

His dedicated work and patient friendly atmosphere been on of the key success for GIFT IVF Center team. All the cases were discussed with Dr.MANI and Dr.Anithamani to serve the patient and to achieve best possible success for the couples and bring smile on their faces. His research on antimicrobial activity won 2nd prize in an National symposium against all competitors throughout India.

Dr.Roopa Sibi Sekhar

Dr.Roopa Sibi Sekhar is a practicing consultant in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility. Currently she is also a visiting consultant to various corporate Hospitals in Bangalore

In the past 5 years she has been successful in guiding expectant mothers to the joy of motherhood. In her role as an infertility specialist,Dr Roopa aims to fulfill the desire of motherhood in women who need her expert advice and care. Having worked in different cities & major corporate hospitals she has effectively handled cases of different complexities. She spends quality time with each patient in order to understand the details in depth & to take the best decision.

Dr. Reshma .Sunandanan
Gynaecologist & Obstetrician

Dr. Reshma. Sunandanan has over 8years of experience in the field of gynaecology in premium hospitals in Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, past experience in the areas of Infertility includes association with Renowned infertility clinic in Mumbai and Bangalore. Certified in Fetal medicine and also holds degree in Hospital administration and Life time member of FOGSI ( Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India). Friendly approach and commitment to patients are her strength.