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Treatment facilities in marthahalli Clinic

All the basics needed for evaluation of infertility are available here. scanning and lab tests are done the very first visit after semen test, so that a complete diagnosis is reached and a step by step approach is done for management.

Patients may go for IUI if required, which is done in different methods, as needed. medicines and injections are given, if required for ovulation prior to IUI.

Male infertility treatments are rare and difficult to find and we provide very good treatment options for the same.

Availabilty of on call infertility specialist is an added advantage to regular op including morning and evening.

Weekly visit for 1 day for specialist opinion is provided by Dr.Anita Mani and Dr.S.Mani, in addition to daily consultation by infertility specialists and embryologist Dr.Chandan.

Patients who require IVF, ICSI and other ART procedure can complete most of their treatment in the form of injections and scanning in marthahalli clinic and need to visit indiraranagar clinic only for egg retrieval and embryo transfer for 2 visits only.

Laparoscopic surgery, if required will be done similarly in indiranagar clinic OT and will be organised by the staff.

Even though it is newly started, we are seeing a large inflow ,and we hope to provide an excellent service in this field by providing quality service.

We are also planning to provide once monthly Ayurvedic treatment facility by renowned doctor from kerala.